This book should be on your “to-read-list”

Together with her friend Leila Stuart, Donna Farhi, a seasoned and much-sought-after yoga practitioner and teacher, discloses the secret of the psoas, one of the most unknown and yet important muscles of our body. Forget about six-packs and pecs and learn how to feel this muscle, which plays a crucial role in the right balance of the pelvis and the spine over the feet, a healthy breathing pattern and a good heart condition.

A book you should definitely read

Gilles - La joie qui avanceIf you can read French, once you start reading this book, you will be engrossed in it and oblivious to anything else. Gilles Farcet depicts lively his encounters with Hawk, a larger-than-life character who knew the most prominent poets of the Beat Generation, and he leads us in this inspiring American literary genre. You might wonder whether Hawk was real, whether Gilles Farcet saw him in a dream or whether he made him up. But, it does not matter.  What matters is the metaphysical food-for-thought that the book leaves behind and that, like the ghost of Hawk, will stay with you for long. Let us hope the book will soon be translated.



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