Self-awareness… Conscious relaxation…
Respect of body, mind and soul…

Come and breathe, feel, move and unfold with me


Yoga — Group and private classes
for adults and children in Brussels

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Wonderful New Year to All of You!


I wish you a wonderful New Year.

Just go with the flow of Life! It knows better than us where we should head to.

You will find detailed information on weekly classes for adults here.

There is no class during Belgian school holidays. There will be no class on 5th, 6th and 8th March, and on 1st, 7th, 8th, 10th, 14th and 21st May 2018.

I look forward to practising with you again soon,



Look no further, if…


  • you seek fluidity rather than flexibility at all cost;
  • you want to feel your body breathe and move freely from your energetic centre, the sacrum;
  • you want to feel your spine rooted in the earth and pointing toward the sky, supported along its natural curves, allowing your muscles to relax;
  • you want to keep on going about your daily tasks effortlessly and without pain;
  • off the mat, you strive to be as aware as on the mat;
  • each time you step on your mat, you are ready to accept the body as it is;
  • you experience each pose as if your were performing it for the first time;
  • you want to take appropriate action in a relaxed way rather than to try to reach perfection;
  • for you, yoga is not only a way of exploring your body, but also part of a spiritual practice.
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